Short Film Venture Program


What is the Short Film Venture Program?
The Short Film Venture Program (SFVP) assists emerging New Brunswick filmmakers who have a serious interest in establishing a career in filmmaking and in producing a “calling card” film.
If you are an emerging filmmaker, one of the ways to make a name for yourself is with a great short film; one that will highlight your talent, be seen and prove to people that you have what it takes.
If you are selected, you will have the chance to train with some of New Brunswick’s well-known filmmakers. In addition, your film could be chosen to showcase, with a premiere screening at a New Brunswick Film Festival.

Who can apply?
• An eligible applicant is an individual who was a resident in New Brunswick for at least one year preceding
the application deadline.
• Applicants must maintain creative and financial control over the project and own all copyright in it.
• Applicants are permitted to apply with only one (1) submission per year.
• Previous applicants that were not recipients of a SFVP grant are eligible to apply with new projects only.
• Applicants must take the required film workshops offered by the NB Filmmakers' Co-operative or present
proof of equivalent film experience.
• Applicants must not be currently enrolled in any full-time school or university program.

The project must be:
• Ten (10) minutes or less.
• Fictional in nature (this can include parts of comedy, animation and docu-drama).
• The medium, theme, and subject matter are up to the applicant, provided the project is suitable for general
• The project must utilize production resources available within New Brunswick. Permission must be sought
to utilize outside resources.
• Projects not accepted: Experimental, animation, documentary or commissioned films will not be
considered. Projects must not have started before the SFVP call date.

Documents for 2021 will be uploaded soon but until then, take a gander at the submission forms from 2020.
Download the Full Application in English for 2020 (PDF)
Download the Full Application in French 2020 (PDF)

MEDIA CONTACT: Cat LeBlanc, Membership Services, New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative,